Romania has multiple deposits of deep-sea offshore gas resources with great potential that are in the preliminary stages of being developed. The emerging offshore gas industry in Romania represents major opportunities for business in the upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas sectors.

Opportunities include:

– The construction of pipelines and other related service;
– Development and modernization of the Natural Gas Corridor  Bulgaria – Romania – Hungary – Austria;
– Building of storage facilities (with a growing need for underground storage facilities);
– New companies to sell to the local consumer gas and electricity after 2017/2018;

– Developing offshore natural gas deposits;
– Contracting for upgrading of gas transportation;
Offshore (Energy) is one of the particular areas of expertise of Margetson Van ‘t Zelfde & Co. We can assist you with all aspects of offshore contracting. Please refer to our offshore energy  page for details of our services.

Margetson Van ‘t Zelde & Co have teamed up with the Romanian Dutch law firm BG & Partners to be able to offer foreign contractors who want to work in Romania a full service solution for their needs in Romania.

BG & Partners provide the following services:

–  Advice on Romanian law;
–  Identifying the necessary business partners and opportunities;
–  Facilitating the market-entry procedures;
–  Funding schemes access;
–  Due diligence process;
–  Establishment & Post-establishment assistance;
–  Networking and building channel service

The Margetson Van ‘t Zelfde – BG Partners brochure can be downloaded  here.

If you have any questions please contact Nigel Margetson.